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Interactive animal fun for all ages

At 1st Choice Animals, we believe that connecting with animals can be a truly enriching experience. 

Whether you're looking to conquer a fear, ignite a passion for the natural world or simply create lasting memories, we offer a diverse range of animal experiences in Lincolnshire and the wider UK designed to spark curiosity, foster connection, and leave you with a newfound appreciation for the animal kingdom.

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ball python close up in hand

 Face Your Fears

'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.' – Frank D. Roosevelt

A phobia of a particular animal can range from a mild inconvenience to majorly obstructive, especially if you happen to be afraid of a common animal like dogs or spiders.

Our animal talent agency offers personalised one-on-one sessions, either at our farm in Lincolnshire or in the comfort of your own home for additional desensitisation, designed to help you confront and overcome your fears.



 VIP Farm Visits

'Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.' - John Keats

Looking to experience the sights, sounds and animals of farm life – Without the bustling crowds of regular farm visits?

1st Choice's Animals offer VIP farm animal experiences in Lincolnshire, where you and your party can get up-close with our donkeys, goats, sheep and more (Many being former television or film stars!). Petting and pictures aren't just welcome, they're encouraged!


1st Choice Animals, VIP farm visit, stroking pig


1st Choice Animals, pony day experience little girl

 School Visits

'Children are naturally drawn to animals, and animals to children. It's a friendship that benefits both.' – Phyllis McGinley

Fewer things are as engaging and educational for young minds than up-close experiences with animals.

Our comprehensive school packages feature a variety of engaging activities designed to foster an appreciation for animals in children, including animal meet-and-greets, hands-on feeding and educational talks.



 Home visits

'Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.' – George Eliot

Interacting with animals can provide a multitude of benefits for seniors, including reduced anxiety and enhanced cognitive function.

1st Choice Animals' carefully-planned home visits feature friendly and well-trained cats and dogs for residents to cuddle, stroke and enjoy the companionship of.


1st Choice Animals, home visits, well behaved dog




1st Choice Animals, Jill Clark and dog



Our on-site animal experiences

1st Choice Animals' Lincolnshire farm also boasts an on-site cat café and regular dog meet-ups throughout the year.

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More than just animal agents, we want to share the joy of animals with all.





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