Pet Therapy for Care Homes



Bringing joy to care homes across the UK

Animals can have a profound impact on people of all ages – But this is particularly true for seniors in care homes, where social interaction and emotional wellbeing are crucial.

1st Choices Animals' care home visits offer a unique opportunity for residents to connect with friendly and cuddly animals, carefully selected for their calm and affectionate temperaments. From individual visits for particular residents to home-wide group sessions, our animal agents take pride in our ability to create personalised experiences that cater to the specific needs of care homes.

1st Choice Animals, Ernie the dog




C O N T A C T  U S

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Some of the benefits that pet therapy can have for seniors include:


 Reduced stress and anxiety

 Improved memory recall

 A sense of belonging and affection

 Improved emotional wellbeing

 Potentially, a renewed sense of purpose


Animals care unconditionally – and so do we.