Overcoming Animal Phobias



Take control of your animal anxieties with 1st Choice Animals

Do you or somebody you know have a phobia of a particular animal? Whether it slithers, walks or crawls on eight legs, our animal agents would be happy to help you overcome these fears.

With personalised support depending on the severity and type of your phobia and specially-trained animals to help gradually desensitise you, you'll remain in your comfort zone while steadily pushing the boundary.

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C O N T A C T  U S

Don't let fear hold you back!

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Our individual approach to helping overcome animal phobias include:


 Flexible locations, with you having the choice to carry out sessions at our Lincolnshire farm or at home

 The use of experienced animals who are comfortable interacting with people who might be apprehensive

 Special focus to your wellbeing and emotional state, never forcing you into uncomfortable situations


Let's work together to make your animal phobias a thing of the past.